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    Smart Rewards for Positive Change

    Simple. Personalized. Accessible.

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    Take a Positive Step

    Walk to work.


    Manage your medication.

    Shut down your computer at night.

    trUStr understands all sorts of positive
    changes, and suggests them, too.


    Tell trUStr

    Send info by text or a connected wearable.

    trUStr interprets a variety of inputs, from steps
    walked to safe cyber practices.


    Get a Reward!

    Choose your reward between a variety of targeted prizes!

    With trUStr, you earn only what you want!

  • As an intelligent SMS chatbot, trUStr provides coaching and rewards to help people make positive changes that boost your bottom line.


  • One Platform, Several Solutions

    Wherever positive change is critical.

    Corporate Wellness

    Your employees' lifestyle lead to costs. And it's not just health conditions.

    • Engage with each of your employees.
    • Reduce absenteeism, presenteeism, attrition and fatigue.
    • Prevent chronic conditions.
    • Offer desired rewards.

    Medical Treatments

    Accompany your patients during treatments.


    • Encourage healthy activities for better outcomes.
    • Receive feedback from the field.


    Secure the weak links in your technology systems.


    • Teach and reinforce Security practices.
    • Prevent Intrusion and data theft.

    • accelerate your response time.

  • Apps are over. It is time for SMS chatbots.

    trUStr is not an app, it is an SMS chatbot!


    of users never use an app again 72 hours after installing.


    Of smartphone users download 0 app per month


    Of U.S citizens do not have a smartphone


    Rate of SMS opening under 3 minutes


    Of all trUStr users feel better since they use trUStr


    Of smokers quit smoking after one month using trUStr


    Response rate with trUStr


    More positive activities from trUStr users

  • Behind the Scenes

    Science Driven

    We use behavioral psychology to motivate positive change in the long run.

    Smart Chatbot

    Using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Predictive Analysis.

    All SMS

    No app to download, no need for a smartphone or internet connection.

    It is accessible to everyone,with the highest response rate!


    The chatbots knows each user personally and reward them with the desired rewards.


    Individual data are kept private. The administrators receive bulked data and statistics.

    All Inclusive

    You have the choice to use your own incentives or to use our rewards inventory.


    You do not need a full time team to tune the program.

    trUStr does it on its own.


    Get a global overview of your employees or patients activities and know what works.



    No cheating

    The trUStr AI uses a proprietary 3D anti-cheating strategy to ensure a sincere, honest and fair tracking of positive activities.



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