• trUStr

    Intelligent Telehealth

  • Engage patients 


    Improve medication adherence 


     Collect intelligent patient reported outcomes (iPROs)

  • As an intelligent SMS chatbot, trUStr captures real word evidence to nudge positive changes with personalized feedback.


  • 91%

    User retention rate


    Measured positive change


    Healthy interactions per user per year


    Average response time of our users

    9 out of 10 users

    Report trUStr is better than other programs


    Enabled wearables & IoT devices (Fitbit, Google Fit, Alexa & more)

  • Amanda - Nevada

    “I loved the positive feedback and having someone to tell about my gains and accomplishments, even small steps. I liked that it was so easy & fast to shoot Trustr message any time of day as messaging my friends. I have a lot of apps on my phone, new stuff tends to get lost in that mix."

    David - California

    “I truly did walk more and exercised more while having the rewards in mind. It really did motivate me. I like the use of SMS as it came up in my car screen, over Bluetooth headphones, so having it there was a great reminder.”

    Tiffany - Texas

    “trUStr is a wonderful motivator, and anyone that will use it is certainly going to benefit from it. I know I did, I was able to stay motivated and lose a bit of weight in the process.”

    Lacey - New Jersey

    “The interaction almost felt as if I was talking to a real person.”

    Mary Jo - Kentucky

    "I like the sms/texting option. It integrates it into my daily life more. I don’t feel like an app would do that."

    Emily - North Carolina

    ”I liked having the positive reinforcement and encouragement for my activities. It was nice to have reminders to move more when I wasn't thinking about it as much as I should be […] Easier than an app and I liked not having to take up space on my phone. “

    Brooke - California

    “I really had a lot of fun and used trUStr a lot! Thanks again so much for sharing a motivating app!”

    Shane - Colorado

    "I liked its ease of use and ability to transcend what device you’re using & the use of text to run the program was really clever!

    Wish more programs worked like that."

  • Behind the Scenes

    Science Driven

    We use behavior economics and psychology to motivate positive change in the long run.

    Smart Chatbot

    Using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Predictive Analysis.

    All SMS

    No app to download, no need for a smartphone or internet connection.

    It is accessible to everyone.


    The chatbots knows each user personally and reward them with desired rewards.


    Individual data are kept private. The administrators receive bulked data and statistics.

    All Inclusive

    You have the choice to use your own incentives or to use our rewards inventory.


    You do not need a full time team to tune the program.

    trUStr does it on its own.


    Get a global overview of your employees or patients activities and know what works.




    The trUStr SMS chatbot is able to connect with +20 wearables and receive +50 types of data. With no downloads required.



  • Native Apps often overlook key elements.

    It is time for SMS chatbots.

    Nothing to download.


    of users never use an app again 72 hours after installing.


    Of smartphone users download 0 app per month


    Of U.S citizens do not have a smartphone


    Rate of SMS opening under 3 minutes


    Of users prefer the SMS chatbot rather than another app


    The 20% spending 80% of the costs

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