Applying the trustr platform optimizes sustained behavioral change

for resilience, education, and better health

trustr Overview

The hallmark company defining the gold standard in rewards management globally.

Use Cases

From Cyber to Competitive Racing and Timesheets to Corporate Readiness

The Problems trustr solves

Eliminate friction at the enterprise level to allow companies big and small to easily create a customized rewarding platform that is measurable, achievable and works.

Learn when, how best and with what frequency and intensity to
reward towards any measurable activity.

Our rewards platform improves all organizational behaviors

Rewards are seldom trusted and points do not work

Applications require complex integrations that drive rapid discontinuation

Current rewards platform deliver only after long delays

Incentives are often misaligned with the intended goal

  • Engage patients for clinical trial recruitment
  • Improve medication adherence
  • Collect intelligent patient reported outcomes
  • Conduct sentiment analysis


In a changing world that requires new behaviors, we motivate individuals and community stakeholders to take immediate, informed and incentivized actions – for resilience, profit, and enjoyment. Trustr aligns human behaviors to business and community goals.


A $1Trillion Total Addressable Market
The value of improving health, compliance, marketing, timekeeping, financial hygiene, data integrity, property management, voting turn-out, and any desired and measurable change, cannot be overstated.

User retention rate
Measured positive change
Healthy interactions per user per year
Average response time of our users
users Report trUStr is better than other programs
Enabled wearables & IoT devices (Fitbit, Google Fit, Alexa & more)

Behind the Scenes

Science Driven

We use behavior economics and psychology to motivate positive change in the long run.

Smart Chatbot

We use behavior economics and psychology to motivate positive change in the long run.


No app to download, no need for a smartphone or internet connection. It is accessible to everyone.


The chatbots knows each user personally and reward them with desired rewards.

Native Apps often overlook key elements. It is time for SMS chatbots.


Of users never use an app again 72 hours after installing.


Of smartphone users download 0 app per month


Of U.S citizens do not have a smartphone


Rate of SMS opening under 3 minutes


Of users prefer the SMS chatbot rather than another app


The 20% spending 80% of the costs

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