• $10,000

    Health budget per employee per year


    Of the health budget is spent by 20% of the population


    Of the budget is spent on preventable chronic conditions


    The average ROI for ancient wellness programs


    The ROI you can expect with trUStr

  • The six main reasons why ancient wellness programs fail:

    1. Trying to keep healthy people healthy. 
    2. Ignoring the high-risk individuals, the 20% of the population spending 80% of the total health budget.
    3. Ignoring the importance of accessibility. 
    4. Giving too much importance on short-term motivation, distant rewards and results.
    5. Investing wellness dollars in the wrong place.
    6. Steps are not sufficient to assess one's behavior
  • trUStr for corporate health & wellness

    Cut costs and boost productivity by improving employee health.

    Reduce Your Healthcare Budget

    86% of the budget is spent on preventable chronic conditions

    trUStr makes health your next profit center by boosting employee fitness and cutting costs.

    Start saving instantly: up to 50% off compared to current wellness programs.


    Increase Employee Productivity

    A healthy team is a more productive team.

    By improving your HSE (Health & Safety Environment), trUStr reduces absenteeism, presenteeism, and the probability of workplace accidents.

    Cut HR Costs

    trUStr is autonomous and intelligently responsive.

    trUStr requires no support from HR staff. It is fully autonomous and led by its own data. You get instant performance feedback and instant reward delivery.

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