• trUStr for Cybersecurity

    You have secured all your systems. Wait...have you secured the weakest link?

  • $6 Trillion

    The cost of cybercrimes each year by 2021


    Of cyber breaches are caused by human error


    Of cyber breaches are caused by an insider

  • trUStr for cybersecurity

    Secure the weak links in your technology systems.

    Teach and Reinforce Security Practices

    Make cybersecurity rewarding and fun.

    Cybersecurity does not have to be stressful or boring. trUStr engages employees in a friendly,
    low key manner to suggest, reinforce, and reward good cyber hygiene.


    Prevent Intrusion and Data Theft

    Monitor your system 24/7.

    Your data systems are only as safe as the people using them. trUStr helps prevent devastating security breaches with system-wide monitoring and rewards for safe cyber practices.

    Accelerate Your Response Time

    Take action at the first sign of intrusion.

    trUStr continuously monitors employee workstations and alerts you instantly of any suspicious activity—anytime, anywhere.

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