Dr. Christopher A. Jones, founder of trustr, was a guest speaker at the second plenary session of ISPOR, the professional society for health economics and outcomes research.

Credit: Kyle Klein Photography

ISPOR 2018 Plenary 2 — Digital Health: Help or Hype?

ISPOR is the leading global professional society in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research.

The ISPOR 2018 conference drew 3741 healthcare stakeholders representing 70 countries from all sectors of healthcare, including policy makers, global thought leaders, researchers and academicians, public and private payers, decision makers, and patient representatives.

The conference centered on the timely theme, “Real-World Evidence, Digital Health, and the New Landscape for Health Decision Making,” and included a wide variety of compelling topics in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR).

As digital technologies such as […] phones, social media, and wearables have increasingly become available, the potential opportunities for tracking health metrics and enhancing participation in health-related research has grown significantly.

In this session, the panel explored the evidence to assess where digital technologies have improved health and where promises in digital health are mainly hype.

The guest speakers adressed the following questions:
  • Does the empirical evidence confirm that digital health has actually improved public health?
  • What evidence is there regarding the global impact of digital health on research?
  • Has digital health helped to close health disparities’ gaps?
  • What are ethical concerns surrounding tracking health data and how are they being managed?