• trUStr for Healthcare

    Engage patients in their wellness journey, improve medication adherence and collect intelligent patient reported outcomes (iPROs).

  • trUStr for Healthcare

    Improve patient activation with behavioral modification techniques.

    Measure Outcomes


    Take advantage of continuous data.

    trUStr delivers data directly from your patients allowing any degree of monitoring you choose.

    With trUStr, send conversational surveys and collect pre-processed data.

    Motivate Improved Adherence

    Increase efficacy and overall health.

    trUStr motivates good treatments management .

    You can include your own encouragement and check in on results.

    Improve Patient Connectivity

    Accelerate response time and safety.

    trUStr is the simplest and fastest tool to connect with patients outside the doctor's office with no additional workload required.


    Connect with your patients

    From clinical trials to post-approval, trUStr can motivate towards improved adherence in the period known as "beyond the pill," leading to a safer and simpler way to collect actionable data on adverse events

  • Use case 1: Activate patients in their wellness journey.

    Half the battle of improving patient outcomes is to motivate patients in their wellness journey.

    trUStr is able to engage high risk/hard to reach individuals and motivate them towards healthy change. With no additional device or workload required.

    Use Case 2: Pain Management

    Understanding the occurence, evolution and location of pain throughout the days is critical to make good care decisions.

    trUStr sends your surveys in the form of a conversation, and patients answers are converted into actionable data.

    In the meantime, trUStr engage your patients in their wellness journey and motivate healthy change.

    Use Case 3: Medication adherence & appliance, pharmacovigilance.

    trUStr can be your "beyond the pill" chatbot to help measuring the clinical and cost effectiveness of pharmacologic drugs, with a continuous flow of data, conversational surveys, reminders and tips.


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