trustr for Property Security, Property Management and Regulatory Compliance

Workforce and infrastructure are not isolated terms; they are inextricably linked in the areas of property security and property management. Securing state-owned enterprises and infrastructure that are governed by complex regulations has always presented challenges. These challenges are magnified by workforce reductions and by the Covid-19 epidemic. Fortunately, trustr has created a versatile enterprise platform that can allow property managers, regulators and individuals (peer-to-peer) to reward those behaviors that align with safety, security, compliance and revenue-aligned goals. By rewarding employees and employers iteratively with supportive affirmations, trustr enables the workforce resilience, compliance and enhanced “grit” that is required in the present environment. The trustr e-learning modules solidify those areas requiring higher touch behavioral modification, and this in turn leads to a happier, trusting, more secure and more stable workforce and infrastructure. 





Use Case