• The trUStr Team

    Chris Jones co founder and ceo @ trUStr

    Chris A. Jones, PhD

    Founder & CEO

    John Rosenblum Co founder and strategist @ trUStr

    John Rosenblum

    Co-Founder & strategist

    Arthur Brassart Co-Founder & VP of Operations @ trUStr

    Arthur Brassart, MBA

    Co-Founder & Operations

    Bernard Gravier


    Asim Zia, PhD

    Machine Learning

    Ted James, MD

    Clinical Research

    Rick Valenta, MBA

    Marketing & Sales

    John Evans, PhD

    Health Insights

    Colin Brahmstedt, BSc

    Wearables & IoT

  • Our advisors

    John Halamka, MD, PhD

    Health insights

    Victoria Brassart, LLM

    Legal Counsel

    Pete Weimersheimer, MD

    Clinical Insights

    Sridhar Iyengar, PhD


    Col. Andy Vonada

    U.S Defense & Security

    Phillipa Coan, PhD

    Behavioral Psychology

    Blake Schill

    Insurance industry insights

    Corine Farewell, DVM

    Technology Commercialization

    Calvin Butts

    Mobile Marketing

    Jack Caravelli, PhD

    U.S Defense & Security

    Ernest Davis

    Licensing of Technology

    Uwe Heiss

    User Experience

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