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trustr OXFO COVID-19

(Baltimore) A key member of the Visual Connections LLC Family (http://www.visualconnections.net), trustr (www.trustr.us // trUSX Inc.) was selected as a finalist for the competitive 2020 OXFO COVID-19 Action Plan for its role in Inclusive Social Engagement & Mobility. This is a worldwide competition led by the Venture Fund of Oxford University in England. The Action Plan covers four critical impact streams: HealthCare, Education, Inclusive Social Engagement & Mobility, and Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain.

Fred Deese, CEO of Visual Connections, commented, “These shared insights with a global outlook are exactly the type of products and connections we are proud to support as we continue to innovate with products to improve care and reduce bias in CMS and beyond.”

According to Peter Kant, Advisor to trustr, “tele-health solutions must be a 2-way conversation….must capture the voice of the patient in their own words to create meaningful digital trust.”

Chris Jones, Founder of trustr, feels “Tele-health is here to stay. Chatbots are too. We combine them in a new way that can ensure a trusted 2-way conversation with positivity and above all, empathy.”

Across the Inclusive Social Engagement and Mobility Section, only 4 applicants were selected as finalists based on their ability to facilitate social interactions and support vulnerable groups, social networks and online communities, especially in the post-pandemic era of tele-health.

Judges for this program included a world panel of more than 60 entrepreneurs, leading academics, policy-makers, investors and private and public sector organizations including OXFO Foundry advisors Mohamed Amersi, Founder of the Amersi Foundation, Alexsis de Raadt St. James, Managing Partner, Merian Ventures, Biz Stone, Co-founder of Twitter, internet entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Reid Hoffman CBE, co-founder of LinkedIn, Honorary advisor, Arlan Hamilton, Founder of Backstage Capital, as well as leaders such as the former CEO of Burberry and SVP Retail at Apple, Angela Ahrendts DBE, and Arunma Oteh, Former Vice President and Treasurer at the World Bank.

About trustr

trustr.US (trUSX Inc) is the premier tool that automates positive language and encouragement to facilitate and reward healthy behavioral change, especially in support of vulnerable groups. trustr supports Visual Connections LLC to improve program integrity and authenticity of conversation in CMS. trustr also facilitates virtual clinical trials and supports trusted 2-way communications across tele-health solutions in the post-COVID19 world.