Trustr Partners with Seqster to Combine Intelligent Rewards with Patient-Centric Real-Time Real-World Data

SAN DIEGO and BURLINGTON, Vt., June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Seqster PDM Inc. (“Seqster”), the pioneer in patient-centric healthcare data technology, announced today its partnership with Trustr, a leader in intelligent rewards-based technology driving sustainable behavior change.

Under this partnership, pharma and life science enterprises will be able to recruit and engage their patients in an entirely new way, improving retention and stimulating interest in future clinical studies. Trustr will actively recruit suitable study participants for clinical trials through its multi-channel methodology and engage them with its intelligent rewards-based technology. Seqster’s patient-centric, real-time, real-world data platform includes access to nationwide EHR, DNA info, and fitness/remote monitoring device data, all with patient e-consent.

“With data ownership, real-time access, and a longitudinal view of their health coupled with intelligent rewards, patients are able to have a truly improved experience, leading to more efficient and effective clinical trial recruitment, engagement, and retention,” stated Chris Jones, PhD, Founder of Trustr. “While others are finding ways to disintermediate the patient to access their data, Seqster and Trustr both strongly believe that actively engaging with the patient yields not only better data but also a richer patient journey, even enabling them to readily join future trials when available. Study sponsors and their patients should be very excited by the new possibilities from this partnership.”

Professor C. Daniel Mullins, Chair and head of the Patients Program at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and advisor to Trustr, commented, “Partnering with Seqster unlocks real-time, real-world data that can be accessed by the patient while they are rewarded for their healthy behavior. Even the most effective medications and clinical trials are useless if people do not know when to take them, or how to enroll. Little nudges with the right words and small rewards can literally save lives, especially from chronic diseases that follow racial and economic disparities, massive information gaps, and that rely so heavily on human behavior. This is a perfect example of two breakthrough companies partnering to bring real-time, real-world insights to the patients who need them.”

“Pharma companies spend millions on patient recruitment for clinical trials, so why leave patient engagement and retention to chance? Trustr’s intelligent, rewards-based technology seamlessly integrates with Seqster’s patient-centric interoperability platform, yielding an unrivaled, end-to-end clinical trial recruitment and engagement solution for our pharma and life science enterprise partners and their patients,” explained Ardy Arianpour, CEO & Co-Founder of Seqster. “We now have value-added patient touch points embedded in our platform that should dramatically improve clinical trial retention and medication compliance.”