Trustr teams up with Vital Options International and MedTera Healthcare Intelligence, to Support Patients, Caregivers, and Healthcare Professionals

Flemington, NJ & Burlington, VT – August 3, 2021 – Trustr, Vital Options International (VOI) and MedTera Healthcare Intelligence (MedTera) today announced they are teaming up to provide more personalized support to Patients, Caregivers, and Healthcare Professionals with education, advocacy and support through their global health community and intelligent rewards-based platform which optimizes sustained behavioral change. Through this partnership, VOI, MedTera and trustr are teaming with like-minded health and life science organizations whose mission is to enhance health education, improve support and positively impact health outcomes for patients living with a chronic, terminal, or rare condition. The partnership will also focus on enhancing the clinical trial recruiting and retention process by partnering with Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and leading digital Clinical Trial Recruiting Platform companies. Vital Options International has a long history of providing patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals with education, advocacy, and support while trustr has demonstrated exceptional and sustained results in optimizing human behavior change and patient engagement, making this an essential solution for forward thinking health and life science firms.

“In an ever-changing healthcare world that requires new and sustained behaviors from diagnosis and beyond, trustr is a proven solution that motivates patients and other health stakeholders to take immediate, informed and incentivized actions for behaviors that lead to improved health outcomes,” said David Duplay, Chairman and CEO of Vital Options International and Founder and CEO of MedTera Healthcare Intelligence.

“We are so pleased by this collaboration,” said Founder & CEO, Chris Jones, PhD. “MedTera and VOI bring trustr unprecedented access to the caregivers and chronic and rare disease patients who can benefit from our community and engagement platform that uses positivity and smart rewards to keep people engaged, and to learn information that can be applied to new patients.”

Together with insights from the PATIENTS Program at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, this collaborative ecosystem aims to “reflect patient voices and generate patient-based positive communication channels that use words of encouragement and rewards that are essential to ensuring trust, securing patient access, and enhancing diversity and meaningful expression of patient journeys in clinical trials.” — C. Daniel Mullins, PhD, Professor and Chair., University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

“Digital health platforms, mobile apps and wearable health technology fueled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is integrating into every aspect of the healthcare delivery continuum. Trustr’s proprietary behavioral algorithms and educational rewards-based platform which drives Intelligent Patient Reported Outcomes (iPRO) integrates seamlessly with our partners solutions from diagnosis to end-of-life,” added Duplay.

About trustr

Trustr (TRUSX Inc) is the enterprise leader in providing best-in-class rewards-based engagement tools to Global 1000 customers. Trustr solves complex business challenges by sharing new insights into human behavior. Trustr serves the needs of pharmaceutical, life sciences, clinical trial and data services customers by reaching patients, understanding their journey, and providing personalized encouragement insights across the care continuum.

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About The PATIENTS Program

The PATIENTS Program is an interdisciplinary research team of community partners and researchers housed at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy that works to change the way we think about research by creating a path for health equity in West Baltimore and across the United States.

About Vital Options International

Founded in 1983, Vital Options International is a 501c3 whose mission is to provide Advocacy, Health Education to the healthcare industry and Financial Assistance to qualified patients, caregivers and families battling a chronic, terminal, or rare condition. Vital Options International also provides Virtual Social Therapy through a global community network of Patients, Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals.

About MedTera Healthcare Intelligence

Founded in 2007, MedTera Healthcare Intelligence is focused on producing results, driving change and positively impacting the bottom line of their clients. MedTera Healthcare Intelligence specializes in giving health-related, medical device, digital health, and pharmaceutical companies the support, technology and solutions to develop, launch and grow their health-related products and services.